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Positive Drive Conveyor Belts - The Next Step in Belting

Today's market demands superior hygiene levels, low production and maintenance costs and top quality conveyor belting products. Volta Positive drive flat homogenous belts are the newest generation in belting technology designed to solve the most crucial conveying problems in a variety of industrial and food applications.

Positive Drive Highlights:

Food Safety - All our Positive Drive belts are USDA/ FDA/ USDA Dairy Approved.
Innovative Positive-Drive Design Integral teeth guide the belt eliminating off-tracking, tensioning and belt slippage Smooth Homogenous Surfaces Higher product value, low bacteria counts and improved shelf life. No fibers or plastic pieces that can potentially find their way into your food products.

Effective Sanitation:

Easily and effectively cleaned reducing downtime to a minimum. Using less water and chemicals resulting in much less water waste treatment required.

Increased Productivity Cleaning time is drastically reduced and converted to valuable production time Cost Savings Lowers costs in water and chemical consumption, maintenance and sanitation. Greatly reduces product waste and water treatment costs. Our Positive-Drive line now includes three positive-drive belt styles: SuperDrive™ , DualDrive and DualDrive SP (DualDrive Small Pulleys).

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