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DualDrive™ SP (Small Pulley)

The DualDrive Small Pulley (DDSP) positive drive belt has all the advantages of other Volta Belting positive drive belts: installs easily on site, is easy to sanitize, reduces costs of ownership and presents a cost-effective alternative to older types of belting. DDSP saves water and chemical consumption, reduces downtime to a minimum, lowers bacteria counts and improves product hygiene and shelf life.

Material Features

  • Smooth, homogenous belt surfaces and textures
  • No fraying or delamination, compared with coated plied belts
  • No fragmenting or chipping, compared with modular belts
  • No crevices or links to harbor bacteria
  • Easily, effectively cleaned

Mechanical Benefits
The DDSP is designed for conveying applications that demand product transfer using a small pulley diameter. The belting has teeth with a pitch of 20mm/0.8″ extruded across the entire width.

  • For small pulleys: 50mm/2″ (8 teeth) and 62mm/2.44″ (10 teeth)
  • Lighter conveyor construction
  • Tight transfer of products between conveyors
  • Minimal product loss and lower conveying costs