Timing Belts

Volta offers a range of standard timing belts, metric, and non-metric, in open rolls. The belts are manufactured to Volta’s high standards and form the basis for repetitive, robotic or automated processes of conveying as well as accurate positioning in material handling. The belts are reinforced with parallel steel tension cords and can be spliced on conventional timing belt machinery or ordered ready-to-use from the factory. The belts can be ordered with fabric on one side, usually the tooth side, to reduce friction and noise.

A food grade blue version of T-10 is available and forms the basis for tuna squeezing belts and timing fabrications in packaging, medical and non-woven fiber applications.

Fabrications and Accessories

Most of Volta’s flat belts and TPU coatings can be welded on the thermoplastic timing belts with heat. Rigid Volta flat belting material can be cut and attached as cleats while softer materials and coatings extend the potential opportunities utilizing a wide range of textures or grips on top of the base timing belts.  

Our engineering team can assist in reviewing timing belt fabrications and help realize customers’ drawing board concepts.