Upgrading Cracker and Bagel Production: Another Success for Volta Belts

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Cracker & Bagel


Before the oven, bakery products have a level of humidity and stickiness and can also be oily. A company specializing in the preparation of dough for crackers and bagels cured these and more problems by integrating Volta Aramid Cord Reinforced (ACR) Belts. The belts have played a pivotal role in transforming operational efficiency and reliability by reducing needless cleaning to a minimum and extending belt lifespan.

Challenges Faced

The initial production line was equipped with plied belts that suffered from both layer separation which exposed an unhygienic fabric, and from cupping which distorts the belt and renders it unfit for use. Th replacement cycle was six months at best. The consistent but unpredictable belt failures disrupted production schedules and added to real time maintenance costs.

The Solution

To solve these issues, the company took advice and Volta Aramid Cord Reinforced (ACR) Belts were selected. These belts are suited to the unusual mechanical demands of bakery lines; long, wide belts running around relatively small pulleys. The belts have no ply and are suited to the humid doughs and inclusions of ingredients common in this industry. The company accepted the recommendation, and this was the start of a significant shift in their operational approach.

Results Achieved

The impact of implementing Volta belts was a revelation. Two years down the line, these belts display continue to display negligible signs of wear, standing in stark contrast to the original plied belts. The maintenance manager emphasized the remarkable endurance of the Volta belts and commented that the belts last 3 times as long as ply belts while maintaining their hygienic properties.

Key Takeaways

This success story underlines a crucial lesson: the cost of the initial investment should not overshadow the long-term benefits and savings. Despite the higher upfront cost of Volta belts compared to plied belts, their extended lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements made them a more cost-effective solution in the long run.


The transition to Volta Aramid Cord Reinforced (ACR) Belts marked a pivotal moment for this company, transforming their cracker and bagel production lines. The durability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of these belts not only minimized downtime but also ultimately contributing to enhanced profitability. Investing in second-rate material at a key point of the work drags down the performance of the entire production line.

This one example of many, serves as a testament to the importance of investing in quality equipment for sustainable and efficient operations. As the company’s maintenance manager aptly summarized, “Buying cheap turns out to be expensive!” — a valuable lesson for businesses aiming for longevity and success in their operations.

In the highly competitive landscape of snack production, Volta belts offer an extra cost-effective edge to producers willing to innovate for the sake of achieving operational excellence.

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Inscríbase en nuestros boletines.

Inscríbase en nuestros boletines

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