Volta Belting
Volta Belting

Our Story

Since 1965, Volta Belting Technology has made a major contribution to the way products are moved. Pioneering production techniques and belt products, dedicated to serving industrial sectors like ceramic tile production, recycling and automotive to the ever-important food processing industry. Volta’s thermoplastic flat and positive driven belts have redefined hygienic food and non-food grade belting.

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Our Vision

Volta is above all a service-driven company, with centers of excellence on three continents. Our global customers rely on fast, technically based answers and unparalleled attention to every detail. This is the difference between conventional belts and Volta’s ever-evolving vision!


Game Changer

In 2002, Volta introduced a revolutionary homogeneous hygienic self-tracking belt design to the food industry, that took our vision and expertise to every producer that makes it their mission to deliver safe food to the market.

The Core Of Our Work

Our Expertise

Volta has enhanced an ever-expanding product range and developed an uncompromising training and sales network that supports the entire product line. Volta is attentive to the needs of all customers and to those who influence the evolution of food processing. While Volta has continuously found applications outside of food processing and other non-hygienic industries, meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of the food sector, is the core of our work.

Volta Belting provides experienced sales and technical service support in more than 60 countries. We cover major industrial centers throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. On-site training is available at Volta Belting’s main fabrication centers in North America and Europe.

About Volta belting

Since 1964, Volta Belting Technology is a pioneer in production techniques and product lines. Dedicated to serving the industrial sectors from ceramic tile production, through recycling and automotive to food processing. Volta’s thermoplastic flat and positive drive belting has redefined hygienic food grade belts.
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