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Volta Belting provides the most advanced and varied tooling to splice and fabricate flat conveyor belts. Butt welding tools enable conveyor belts to be joined endlessly. On-site installation is quick — achieved with little or no disruption or contamination to the work environment. The tools do not require coolant and use single-phase power. When used under normal conditions, fabricated conveyor belting is virtually unbreakable, delivering consistent quality and enhanced longevity. Volta Belting supplies fabricated belting in custom designs, cut to size per customer specifications or as open rolls. Technical training is available for Volta Belting customers that want to provide fabrication services in their markets. Selected Common Fabrications

  • Flights (cleats): flat, perpendicular or angled, scooped, gusseted
  • Sidewalls: base or flat (straight) available in select configurations
  • Perforations
  • Pace lines: vertical or horizontal
  • Special coatings and profiles welded on a base belt
  • Custom stand-alone products formed from sheets of conveyor belting: funnels, belt scrapers, hammocks, curtains