Grade Belts

Volta flat belt materials are compatible with most products handled in industrial manufacturing and processing. The key exception is where the belt is over-exposed to heat. The principles on which we select and recommend a given belt are far more closely linked to mechanical considerations and the limitations of a given conveyor, than on the necessity to use a specific Volta reference with a particular conveyed product.

Industrial Conveying

Key Attributes


Impact and tear resistant material


Oil- and chemical- resistant




Extended belt life


Non-standard fabrications ans perfoations

Material Features

All our materials exhibit excellent performance in a wide range of working conditions and materials that cannot be matched by plied belts. Volta flat belts derive their strength from the belt material with its impermeability and elasticity and not from inelastic fabric layers. The butt weld used for Volta material eliminates the use of finger joints. This is one of the main causes of belt failure and serviceable belt life can increase from five to tenfold.

On-site installation

The belts can be installed without the need for modifications to the conveyor. We will often suggest reducing belt thickness; thinner thermoplastic belts can often outperform thicker conventional belts. Volta’s technology is radically different. The density of the homogeneous layer contrasts with the permeability of the fabric layers seen in conventional belts. The top surface wears more quickly causing premature failure of its weak finger joints.


The range of hardness’s and compounds suits most working environments including outdoors. Together with the range of material thicknesses available, our belts can handle an impressive range of product loads on all conventional conveyor designs and pulley diameters. Our HF and heat-welding fabrications are resistant to wear and tear, utilizing the thick thermoplastic surface. This detailed process avoids the potential costly failure of these labour-intensive features.

The belts can be spliced with Volta’s FBW and PDW belt welders. Hand-held welding pliers are available for narrow straps up to 200mm wide.

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