The solutions we have developed with our partners are built on decades of accumulated knowledge with thermoplastics. Many manufacturers understand that conveying systems can be an economic burden on the cost of ownership. Frequent belt changes and the resulting costly down time coupled with the increasing service costs and difficulties of bringing outside contractors on site, are all reasons to consider a different, more economical approach.

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Conveying Solutions for the Recycling Industry

Biomass processing

Biomass is collected and processed for biogas. The conveyors must handle highly uneven input. There are a wide range of materials with differing levels of humidity and size. The conveyors, especially elevators, need to contain spillage as much as possible and clean up effectively to prevent mechanical damage and reduce odours that would pollute the working environment. An additional problem is to control belt slippage resulting from the inevitable ingress of some material and humidity under the belt. SuperDrive™ has been selected as an ideal solution here, replacing modular belts that allow material to seep through and which retain rotting matter inside the joints. This solution contains the conveyed product, is not affected by humid matter and cleans quickly.

Metal recycling

Recycling facilities are being run as profit-making ventures. Some are dedicated to sorting household waste and others target specific value-based materials. A company recycling used cars, found that a cheap thick rubber belt quickly wore thin and failed on the joint when handling the broken metal car parts that were still laced with oils and fuels. A custom-made Volta fabrication with side wall not only handled the product but saved four belt changeovers. The changeovers had been a major issue, taking hours to perform, leaving the line closed with impatient truck drivers lining up outside the company to off-load cars.

Eddy Current separator

Eddy Current separator belts are a weak link in recycling conveyor belts as their thickness must be kept to a minimum in order not to diminish the magnetic fields that agitate the metals passing over them. Volta 3mm belts are a comprehensive solution to all the requirements of these belts, giving extended belt life, a reduced air gap which makes the separating more effective and easy splicing that can be done on site with minimal stoppage time.