Industrial Applications

Conveyor belt selection is a deductive process which must first consider the production and engineering demands of the user.

The second aspect of belt selection takes into account the product being conveyed. Belt choice can be affected by this and a textured belt surface can sometimes be necessary. Another example would be where the chemical content of the product, such as oil or fertilizer, can degrade specific belt materials.

Our aim is to understand the forces at work, such as friction, load and product as well understand and even anticipate the needs of the customer using the belt.



Water reduced used for a homogenous belt was

Ainia Report

The report shows that the cleaning time and the volume of water used for a homogenous belt was reduced by over 50% and the cleaning processes was reduced from 34 min / m2 to 198 L / m2 for cleaning modular belts to 17 min / m2 to 97 L / m2 for the homogeneous belts.

In Our Business The Most Important Thing Ts To Take No Chances With Hygienic Issues. We Don’t Want To Take Any Risks. The Belts From Volta Are So Smooth And Easy To Clean That We Don’t Have To Worry. If The Belt Seems Clean It Really Is Clean.

Mr. van de Deijl, Interfish, IJmuiden

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