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Presenting SuperDrive™
The food industry’s leading hygienic belt.

Mini SuperDrive™

The Only Trackable
Mini Positive Drive Belt


Designed to Replace
2” Pitch Modular Belts

Mini DualDrive™

1” Pitch
Positive Drive Belt
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Our Vision

Volta is above all a service-driven company, with centers of excellence on three continents. Our global customers rely on fast, technically based answers and unparalleled attention to every detail. This is the difference between conventional belts and Volta’s ever-evolving vision!

We take care of various hygienic norms to incur minimal microbiological contamination in the conveyors. With Volta products you can achieve the highest possible quality and hygienic norms without any effort!

Mr. C. Kuijt, Ouwehand Visverwerking, Katwijk

Food and Hygiene

Industrial Conveying

Why Volta?

Widest range of homogeneous belts
and expertise
technical support
Constantly serving our global install base

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About Volta Belting

Since 1965, Volta Belting Technology has made a major contribution to the way products are moved. Pioneering production techniques and belt products, dedicated to serving industrial sectors like ceramic tile production, recycling and automotive to the ever-important food processing industry. Volta’s thermoplastic flat and positive driven belts have redefined hygienic food and non-food grade belting.

SuperDrive™ (SD)

When you are looking for the ideal solution to help you increase your production rate, simplify the process, slash costs and comply with regulations, it’s time for SuperDrive™!

A Positive Drive belt that solves the key mechanical problems of classic flat belts, namely, slipping and off-tracking, SuperDrive™ helps lower running costs for reduced cost of ownership, requires less hot water, provides less chemical exposure, and reduces cleaning time.

As a result, you have more time and money for production. Perfect!

Dough Pump Conveyors

Dough pump conveyors are used to process raw dough in large-scale production bakeries.

These conveyors elevate dough at a sharp incline and commonly use plied belts with bottom guides. Due to uneven loads, bakery belts often suffer from off-tracking, and slippage, which can cause fraying, tearing and the need for belt tension, leading to belt failure. A retrofit to
SuperDrive™ solves all of that, making raw dough production… as easy as pie.

Narrow Transfers

Bakery lines often incorporate small pulley diameters and static ‘knife edge’ nose bars. When selecting the right belt for your business, make sure to measure the diameter/radius and, to note the wrapping angle.

Our bakery conveyor belts are specifically tailored for biscuit and pizza base cutting lines, helping make dough production simple and efficient.

Cutting Lines

Our TPE bakery conveyor belts are highly resistant to cuts and abrasion.

They are also easily repaired in the event of mechanical damage, making them robust, cost-effective, and literally, the best thing since sliced bread.

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