Power Transmission

Volta offers a range of TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) V belts, made to order with conveniently short lead times and with exceptionally high accuracy in length where sets are required.  All classic sections are available from Z (10mm) to E (40mm) in full or cogged form. Classic narrow belt formats such as SP are also manufactured.

The in-house technology used for these conventional forms is employed to fabricate a range of truly endless TPU belts fabricated from layers of Volta material, reinforced with sealed tension members and are delivered endless for assembly without the need for splicing.  

Haul Off/Caterpillar Belts

Flat, toothed and poly-V versions for plastic extrusion machines and cable production are available. Replacing fast wearing heavy duty rubber versions with thinner longer-lasting TPU materials can reduce wear and tear on bearings and motors. Layers can be varied to provide different grips and to fine-tune cushioning effects.

Tube winding belts

Food grade and non-food grade belts for all tube winding machines with pre-twist options can be produced for improved performance. Our tube winding belts replace thicker rubber belts and retain their grip better than textured PVC versions, without stretching or breaking.

Tuna compression belts

Used on dedicated machinery in the fish canning industry, they provide extended life and are used mainly for tuna and other large fish sea products. The belts are constructed from food grade flat materials with an option for a timing belt bottom side. Textured and smooth versions are available.

Wood processing

Tensioners and various other woodworking machinery use haul-off style belts to hold boards in place for edging and forming processes. White TPR belts are preferred for these operations to prevent marking the product.

Airport carousel belts and bowling alley belts

Special V profiles have been developed and customized with OEMs to power mechanisms in these sectors.

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