Medical & Cosmetics

There are industrial sectors aside from food processing that require hygienic conveyor belts. They require the option to splice quickly on site in the clean rooms without contamination caused by fumes or chemicals from adhesives or even cut belt fragments from finger prep. Our thermoplastic conveyor belts are an ideal solution for these types of industries which include soap, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products such as pills and ointments. It can include medical hardware such as ampules and IV pouches or industries where conveyors are located in clean rooms.

Soap manufacturing

Soap factories are switching to food grade belts for conveying to avoid any chance of the raw materials acquiring contamination. Volta was asked to change three incline conveyors where powder was adhering to conventional belts. There is no possibility of a wet wash down due to the nature of the product and the dense Volta material can be cleaned adequately with a dry wipe down to prevent any build- up of soap residue.

Prep kitchens & canteens

Kitchens in institutions such as hospitals, require Chefs and the serving staff to have a high duty of care towards the population they are feeding. The number of people that can be harmed by food contamination even in one factory canteen can have a major effect on the economic and organizational conditions by incapacitated the entire group together. The increased need for efficiencies of these food prep facilities, while reducing personnel, has led kitchens to utilizing SuperDrive™ belts to deliver reusables into washing systems. The belts are quiet, maintenance free and cope with a steady flow of dirty food utensils without residual food stuffs building up.


In many warmer countries ice is used in quantity all year round. Food and drink retailers as well as hotels, rely more and more on outside suppliers of ice for convenience and to save the investment of ice-making equipment. The base line for any ice making company is to have a source of potable water and to produce in a hygienic environment. The high humidity and the propensity of water to accept contamination from the environment makes this a difficult environment to keep clean and to provide a safe, bacteria free product. Volta belts have been used in place of screw conveyors and nitrile rubber belts. Special hydrolysis-resistant belts improve this process and can inhibit the growth of fungi on belts.