SuperDrive™ (SD) is a Positive Drive belt that solves the key mechanical problems of classic flat belts, namely, slipping and off-tracking.

Reduce running costs (reduced cost of ownership): less (hot) water, lower chemical exposure, reduced cleaning time, more time for production.

Material Features


conveyor design


material quality


Reduces Amp draw on motors


Widest range of thermoplastic PD belts available


Non-standard fabrications and perforations


Suited to
trough conveyors


SuperDrive™ is manufactured from high performance, proprietary TPE/TPU materials in many finishes that enable it to be used in thousands of applications maintaining a pulley diameter at the 100mm range. Apart from the formidable mechanical advantages that SuperDrive™ offers, the most beneficial impact of the food grade range is seen in food processing where direct contact with food in all its stages of production raises hygienic concerns and exposes food to potential contamination.

High Risk Elements

Food processors are well-aware that conveyor belts and conveyor systems are high risk elements in the production line and the demand for food grade belts has led to a huge variety of belt types in the market. This complicates the belt choice for the processor who has specific requirements and must work efficiently and on a budget.

Hygienic Solution

Emerging guidelines often find it easier to describe what is not hygienic but there is agreement that homogenous belts are the most hygienic conveyor belt option. Together with the additional mechanical advantages of positive drive and self-tracking, it is the best choice for compact hygienic conveyors and for upgrading existing modular belt systems.

"We have now in our plant about 20 SuperDrive™ belts. Since the SuperDrive™ belts where installed on new and existing conveyors the headache of bad belt surfaces, fraying of the sides, unwanted liquids in the belt and broken / missing belt parts stopped at once. We did not change the belts anymore after we bought the SuperDrive™ belts."

Mr. Wim Clazing from Exportslachterij Clazing BV, The Netherlands


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