The solutions we have developed with our partners are built on decades of accumulated knowledge with thermoplastics. Many manufacturers understand that conveying systems can be an economic burden on the cost of ownership. Frequent belt changes and the resulting costly down time coupled with the increasing service costs and difficulties of bringing outside contractors on site, are all reasons to consider a different, more economical approach.

Glass bottle recycling

Bottling plants and bottle producers must deal with the rejected material that has chips and cracks which might injure customers when the product is used. Bottling operations are typically highly automated and bottles are conveyed upright along S bends and other diverters which make the factory layout complex and difficult to access for maintenance during working hours. A major producer of soft drinks installed five long reject lines conveying bottles from under the machinery and out of the building to totes for recycling. Each three-ply PVC belt lasted around 8 months which meant a shutdown every 6 weeks on average, causing production loss. A Volta belt with a homogeneous dense top layer but thinner than the original ply belt, gave 5 years of service and saved maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Narrow/strap belt solutions

Narrow strap belts are common in the wood, paper and board industries as well as in logistics and fruit packing houses. When a single strap fails, it is common to replace the entire set of belts. The machinery must be dismantled to assemble the straps. Volta material can be butt welded in minutes using two models of pliers and hand welders for strap belts up to a width of 200mm. This can be done on the machine with no dismantling required. This is an invaluable aid to production and using the tooling requires no special knowledge or extended training. Belts are ready for use after a 5-minute cooling-time. Customers with conveyors in the paper, board and wood industry, keep rolls of the required width near the equipment, that can be cut to length and installed as needed. A variety of thicknesses and hardness’s mean that belts can be specified with a grip surface to hold product from slipping or hard surface allowing slip and can be suited to any pulley size.

Fertilizer and solid waste

Plant handling and processing organic materials usually have harsh or unpleasant environments where maintenance and any engineering intervention needs to be kept to a minimum. The necessary safeguards and requirements to go on site can be as time consuming as the work. Volta belts have been running in particularly challenging conditions on systems handling solid waste and inside fertilizer plants. The belts give years of reliable performance and are resistant to the harsh chemical composition of the bulk material being conveyed.

Canning lines

Canning lines require special round profile belt when printing the tin sheets where the friction must be low and prevent any scratching of the inner can surface or of the printed side. When lined up for filling, the same low friction surface is vital as the lines which are often hundreds of meters long, run under the stationary cans online and this accumulated load will break inferior profiles. Volta offers a range of diameters manufactured with special hard-wearing TPE that is suited to this application. A variety of reinforcements are available that prevent elongation even under extreme loads, including steel cord.