Fabricated Timing Applications

The open-end timing belts are a perfect choice for applications requiring a great degree of flexibility for synchronous conveying and linear positioning. Volta manufactures linear timing belts in a variety of tooth types, pitches and lengths.The TPE material composition provides superior wear, is abrasion resistant and can be easily fabricated.

Tracks for Unmanned Terrestrial Robots

Volta developed a production line for tracks used on unmanned terrestrial robots and autonomous guided systems used by the military, police and in agriculture.

The tracks are based on Volta’s unique thermoplastic belting system

They work on a positive drive engagement to prevent slipping where torque demands can increase beyond the grip of regular flat material. Some models are fitted with customized high frequency welded paddles on the outer side which keeps the vehicle stable on uneven ground.

We are happy to undertake engineering projects of this nature where the combined experience in materials and mechanics meet to provide advanced solutions.

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