Center Drives

Centre drives are most common on horizontal conveyors. This style is used where a processor looks for advantages such as saved distance between conveyors, dual direction, and tight transfer.

This involves positioning the motor beneath the conveyor with the tensioner located on the same axle beneath the conveyor. This design is also critical where small diameter rollers are located at both ends of the conveyor. The rollers may not be large enough to motorize and may even be static ‘nose bars’ used extensively in bakeries. The motor in these cases must be on a third axle.

Volta Positive Drive Belts are the Solution

With Volta Positive Drive belts, a center drive allows for bi-directional use without jumping when the conveyor belt changes direction. A center drive adds at least 3 additional pulleys to a belt conveyor design. There is additional belt travel and extra bending around pulleys including back-flexing. This extra wear and tear on the belt material is a main cause of joint failure with plied belts. Volta’s long-lasting welded joints save multiple belt changeovers and Volta’s homogeneous belting material handles the strain of flexing around the additional pulleys saving on belt maintenance and multiple changeovers. uses technical, analytical, marketing, and other cookies. These files are necessary to ensure smooth operation of site and services and help us remember you and your settings. For details, please read our Privacy policy.
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