& Fabrication Tools

Volta manufactures a range of tools available to independent Volta customers for welding and fabricating materials closer to market. We see this as a critical part of the service we offer, making customers more responsive to lead times and empowering them to develop themselves with this remarkable technology.

All the tools come with operating instructions and training is offered in Volta fabrication centers, at the user’s premises or over the internet.

Belt Splicing

Belt Splicing of flat and Positive drive belts from 300mm to 2000mm wide are available. The jigs, coded FBW and PDW, can be taken on site, require only single-phase electrical output and allow welding to be done in minutes, increasing productivity. The reduced intervention and manpower provide better safety for outside service personnel and employees alike.

Hand Welding of Narrow Belts

Two sizes of handheld tools eliminate the dismantling of machinery when changing worn or broken belt straps. Ideal for logistics, carboard and wood machinery where downtime is costly.

VaR welding tools

Volta manufactures a range of hand tools for welding profile belts. There are versions for butt welding and an overlap welding system for reinforced profiles used on higher load-bearing applications or extended long joined lengths.

Ring welders

A handy ring welding jig facilitates the mass production of welded rings and improves both workshop productivity and consistency in ring length

Side wall welding tools

Are used in conjunction with Volta based side wall. A trolley, built to hold a hot air gun mounted with a Volta side wall nozzle, enables all heights of side walling up to 100mm, to be welded, even in a small workshop.

Profile and guide nozzles

Nozzles are available for hot air guns to install V-guides, round profile belt and electrode by hand or through a semi-automatic welding apparatus in a workshop.

Sleeve assembly jig

This devise is a simple but effective jig that operates with compressed air. Standard steel rollers can be sheathed quickly with Volta food grade TPU sleeves. The benchtop jig is suited to a factory workshop and saves holding extra roller sets in inventory and saves the time required by the conventional method of sending a worn set away for renewing the vulcanized rubber coating.

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