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Welding Tools

Volta Belting offers a range of tools and toolkits that are designed to ensure high-quality welds and fabrications across the entire range of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) belts.

Volta Belting tools combine long-lasting ruggedness with a lightweight, compact design that makes them easy to handle and deploy on site or in the workshop. Volta Belting provides on-site training or video tutorials.

  • Simple installation
  • Low-waste, low-fume installation suited to food-processing conveyors and other clean environments
  • No coolants required

V and Round (VaR) Welding Tools & Kits:

Note: Profile size/diameter for round profiles (diameter), V-shape (size) and flat width (size).

Flat Welding Belts and Fabrication Tools

Additional tools and accessories for welding and fabrication of belts and sleeves are detailed in the Welding & Fabrication Tools Catalogue.