Revolutionizing Industrial Hygiene with Volta’s DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts

chemical resistant conveyor belt solutions

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts for Food

In industries where stringent hygiene standards and durability are non–negotiable, Volta Belting introduces a game changing solution for the food industry – DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts. These innovative conveyor belts are specifically and uniquely engineered to withstand the challenges of humid food preparation environments.

This is because their durable composition ensures extended lifespan, significantly reducing processing and maintenance costs. They offer exceptional hydrolysis resistance and superior performance compared to traditional homogeneous belts.

Volta's DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts
  • Hydroltic Resistance: The hydrolytic property of DR prolongs belt hygiene and mechanical lifetime when exposed to chlorinated water, animal and mineral oils and fats, and other fluids during work. DR is compatible with standard cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, and will not disintegrate or fray.

  • Less Belt Failure: DR is available with a hygienic lattice pattern on the underside which increases load-bearing capacity by 20%. Aside from carrying heavier weights, this translates to less strain on conveyor wear parts and motors, extending mechanical lifetime. It also enables a smoother engagement with approved stainless steel and molded plastic drum motors. The pattern reduces suction caused by residual water after cleaning, thus lowering amps during start-up.

  • Less Plastic Waste: DR offers longer belt lifetime which equates with less plastic waste. Being homogeneous, it is also easier to recycle. Homogeneous conveyor belts are also less prone to shed plastic microparticles making it a healthier choice for food processing.

  • Energy Saving: Volta SuperDrive™ belt enables hygienic design of conveyors with fewer dirt traps and fewer components in comparison to modular belts.

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: The durable and homogenous composition requires significantly less and cooler water, chemicals, and labor for cleaning and disinfecting and facilitates removal of pathogenic or allergenic residue.

  • Certification: DR material conveyor belts are FDA/EU approved. Volta conveyor belts are not just made from food safe compounds but are also manufactured into mechanically hygienic belts.


DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts Benefits per Industry

Engineered for a diverse range of industries, Volta’s Chemical Resistant Conveyor belts offer exceptional performance, optimal functionality, high reliability, and low maintenance costs.

Food Industry

Volta’s DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts revolutionize the food industry due to their unparalleled durability and hygiene. Engineered specifically for humid food preparation environments, they ensure optimal functionality and reduced maintenance. With exceptional hydrolysis resistance and superior performance, they also minimize bacterial harboring and ensure hassle-free inspection, thus meeting even the most stringent food industry hygiene standards.

chemical resistant conveyor belt

Chemical & Hydrolysis The Next Step in Belting

Volta’s DR Family Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belts are engineered for unmatched durability, reliability, and hygiene. Explore Volta Belting’s cutting-edge chemical resistant conveyor belt solutions today!


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