Pickle Incline to Hydrocooler – Before & After

Pickle Incline to Hydrocooler – Before & After


Sliced and whole pickle processing
company in Latin America.


Incline conveyor


The customer used plied belts with glued cleats. Within 6 months, product sticking to the belt and tracking issues caused edge fray and cleat breakage. Stretching and elongation became an issue as well.
After 3 years they sought an easy replacement with a better solution.

Additional costs:

• Extended sanitation time was needed for cleaning the belt surfaces.
• Scheduled maintenance time was needed to “shave and stitch” the belt.

Safety concerns:

• Fibers from the fraying belt edge and parts from the broken and loose cleat material could potentially contaminate the final product.

Solution: Volta Homogenous Flat Belt
FEMB-ITO50 with RoundFlex™ Lace and ITO-50 textured Cleats

Result = Savings/Sanitation and Maintenance cost
• ITO50 texture provides excellent product release improving tracking
• The homogenous and monolithic characteristics of the belt lowers cleaning and sanitation time, reducing water, chemical and labor consumption compared to previous belts.
• HF welded flights will not break and contaminate the final product
• With the homogeneous surface of Volta belt, customer reduces the risks of foreign material leaching from the belt compared to old technologies
• Having an embedded finish on the contact point of the pulleys increases friction and grip of the belt, minimizing tracking issues due to shock loads during production


Thanks to the ITO-50 surface on the belt and the HF Cleats throughput was increased and the release of wet product was improved.

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