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Volta Belting’s DualDrive positive drive belts lower the cost of ownership due reduced consumption of water and chemicals, reduced maintenance and sanitation costs and reduced downtime. Lower bacteria counts deliver a significantly more hygienic product with improved shelf life. Available in two thickness (3mm or 4mm) and varying hardnesses (Shore 55D, 53D): food-grade blue and beige and a special Low Temperature (LT) version for deep freeze applications (Shore 95A, 46D). Material Features

  • Smooth and textured belt surfaces
  • No fraying, delamination or detaching of flights, compared with coated plied belts
  • No fragmenting or chipping, compared with modular belts
  • No crevices or links that harbor bacteria
  • Easily and effectively cleaned

Mechanical Benefits The DualDrive conveyor belt is a positive drive conveyor belt with a series of teeth extruded at a pitch of 50mm (2”) across the entire width of the underside. The teeth engage in a toothed drive sprocket that drives the conveyor belt with little or no pretensioning. DualDrive belts replace 2” pitch modular belts with minimal retrofitting.

  • No seams, finger splicing, pins and hinges
  • Extruded in 30m or 60m (100ft or 200ft) lengths