Pet Food

Pet food is subjected to much of the same hygienic stringencies as food intended for human consumption and conveyor belting must be certified. We work with some of the world’s leading suppliers of pet food, processing both pelletized and humid form. An interesting variation of conveyor used in this industry is the Storeveyor, where batches are accumulated for temporary storage or cooling before being distributed onto smaller conveyor systems.


Large volume conveyors, sometimes called storeveyors, act like silos to retain product between slow production and fast packaging lines. Pelletized pet food discharges particles lodging inside the pins and joints of modular belts on these style conveyors. Plied belts are often not able to pull the heavy loads that build up before discharge. Volta supplied three heavy duty SuperDrive™ belts each carrying 7 tons /15400 lbs. and helped design an option for a double decker conveyor with 8 tons /17600 lbs. on each level.

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